The Woman Behind the Blog

My life began in the rolling hills of the Appalachians, though I’ve never felt I belong there. After falling in love with the beauty of language, I decided to move to the Alps and learn French. Since then, I have cultivated a passion for truth-seeking journalism– one that refuses to shy away in the face of controversy. I am invigorated by extraordinary stories from ordinary people, and I am convinced we have the power to change the world with our words.

My mission with this website is simple: dig deeper, continue searching, and always question. We can learn so much simply by questioning what is around us. There is so much beauty in humanity.

“Act justly, love mercy, walk humbly” Micah 6:8
“Faire ce qui est juste, aimer agir avec bonté et vivre dans la simplicité” Michée 6:8

One thought on “The Woman Behind the Blog

  1. I caught the podcast you did with Philip awesome story

    Also enjoyed the article “I was wrong about Jesus”

    Good stuff 👍🏾😁


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