“Don’t say maybe if you want to say no.” -Paul Coehlo   This two letter word is probably the hardest concept for me to grasp. Why? I want to say yes to everyone. It’s because I want everyone to be happy. Deep down, I want to be the reason everyone is happy. (I know what you’re … Continue reading No.


With the gentle rays of sun peeking through my window and the aroma of fresh coffee swirling in my room, I bask in the glory of clean sheets and the beginning of spring.   Mornings like these fill my heart with all the radiance of a sunflower and all the warmth of a soft morning sun.   Si tu … Continue reading Yellow.


It is the tide of the ocean crashing against the sand.   It’s when you feel him slip out of your arms forever.   The haunting fear within you, growing with each passing day.   The emptiness of heartbreak.   Blue can sneak up on you like the cold, icy touch of a haunting memory. … Continue reading Blue.