Happy July!!! I’m going to try this thing. Let’s look at it as a sort of experiment. The first day of the month I am going to give you all a topic. If you’re the writing type, please submit a 300-400 word piece surrounding said topic to me! I will choose some to publish on … Continue reading Idées.


“Don’t say maybe if you want to say no.” -Paul Coehlo   This two letter word is probably the hardest concept for me to grasp. Why? I want to say yes to everyone. It’s because I want everyone to be happy. Deep down, I want to be the reason everyone is happy. (I know what you’re … Continue reading No.

Writer’s Block.

I have writer’s block. Bad. Perhaps it is because the lazy mornings of summer have caused me to become rather dull. (I have been extremely unproductive in the creative arena.) Whatever it is, I just cannot seem to shake this awful thing. That is why I’m making this post. I am attempting to rid myself … Continue reading Writer’s Block.