Music Moment: Superbody

80s synth pop is back! Continue reading Music Moment: Superbody


Holy Saturday.

“Then he rolled a stone against the entrance of the tomb.” Mark 15: 46   I’ve been stuck in bed with the flu all day. My lungs feel as though they are about to give out from all the coughing I’ve been doing. My fever won’t go away, and I’m miserable. In the midst of … Continue reading Holy Saturday.

On Self-Love.

On February 11, the Sunday before Valentine’s Day, I gathered together to celebrate with a bunch of wonderful women. Celebrate each other. Celebrate ourselves. And you know what I noticed as we went around the room sharing a glimpse into our hearts? Every single person liked something about themselves that is completely and utterly intangible. … Continue reading On Self-Love.


Happy July!!! I’m going to try this thing. Let’s look at it as a sort of experiment. The first day of the month I am going to give you all a topic. If you’re the writing type, please submit a 300-400 word piece surrounding said topic to me! I will choose some to publish on … Continue reading Idées.