What it’s like living where Parisians vacation

10 avril 2022—A quiet Sunday morning.

The elderly couple walks to the market. She tenderly grabs his arm while crossing the sidewalk as he barely manages to keep himself up. They both have a small wicker basket, most likely to be filled with local fruit and veggies an hour later. Since it’s Sunday, the church bells ring continuously, signalling the imminent arrival of crowds gathering for Mass.

In one week, the streets will be flooded with young Parisians with glittering faces (whose parents’ are wealthy enough to afford a beach house in Normandy). They will drink Spritz cocktails on terrasses, chatting about their busy Parisian lives and breathing the fresh sea air.

Coucou chéri, on est pas à Paris ce week-end ; on passe le week-end à la campagne.

(Mais Madame…on est à la plage.)


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