The Shoes Make the Man: Traveling Shoes

I know the saying is technically “The clothes make the man,” but I think this still applies. And it applies even more so to traveling. You must have good shoes if you’re taking a trip. Even if you’re renting a car. Even if you don’t think you’ll need walking shoes. Even if you think your feet won’t hurt after wearing heels for eight hours.

Shoes are important.

Here’s what I’ve found from my travels.

  1. Skip out on the Instagram worthy shoes. I know, I know. Those platform espadrilles are irresistibly cute. But please listen to me when I say that they are NOT worth it. Take it from me, the girl who wore her 5 inch platform espadrilles walking the Deauville boardwalk for three hours only to be bleeding through them and practically crawling home. (It was not a pretty sight.)
  2. Keep it simple. Please, please do not bring your six inch stilettos. I made that mistake once. I haven’t worn them all year. It takes up space and heels like that never pack well (they’re too clunky).
  3. Don’t be a cheapskate. When it comes to travel shoes, it is worth the investment. A nice pair of boots (and feet that remain in tact) that will last you the entire trip is more important than the $200 you might spend on them. I have had my fair share of cheap shoe purchases from H&M or Forever 21 and have been disappointed every single time.

Here are some of my current favorites/everyday wears, as well as some things I have my eye on. **Disclaimer: When choosing shoes, it’s important to remember the shape and arch of your foot. I have extremely flat feet, so I know that some shoes I wear might not work for people with high arches and vice versa.**

Reebok Club C 85 Vintage

These are my go-to. I wear them every single day. I like the thinner, sleek, vintage style they offer while being a stylish white sneaker. I will say that I have gone through two pairs this year, but I attribute it to the fact that I have worn them literally almost every single day in rain, wind, sun, and hail. So there’s that.

Low, block heel sandals

Since it is summertime, I try to spice up my outfit while remaining comfortable with some low heeled sandals. I used to be a huge fan of huge heels, but my feet just can’t take it anymore.

Platform boots

For winter I normally opt for a platform shoe because it not only gives me height, but it also can be great for my arches (sometimes). Brands like Jonak and Minelli are really popular here in France. Make sure you get real leather (or suede) because it is more likely to stand up to snow/rain/etc!

What shoes do you like to wear when traveling?! Comment below (I’m actually looking for another good pair of sneakers or booties.. All recommendations welcome!) Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for all my latest posts!

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