We’re All Going Through Something

People react to this idea differently.

Hear me out.

There are really two basic reactions: positive and negative.

Negatively, many people respond something like this: “Okay, we’re all going through it right now, so shut up and move on. Your problems aren’t more important than anyone else’s.”

Positively, people find community through suffering. We often experience both of these reactions and choose which one to let stick in our brains as we continue with our lives.

Life is weird right now.

Life isn’t weird, it’s hard.

It’s challenging.

It’s not fun right now.

I think we can all agree it is not necessarily a pleasant experience to be living through these moments (I’m thinking specifically of COVID, economic crises, political tensions, etc.). However, do not let that discomfort and pain discourage you. Take comfort in the fact that yes, exactly, everyone is going through this. I do not deny that your experiences are unique and perhaps harder to cope with or understand, but there is community to be found. Don’t lose hope.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, I am here for you.
To talk.
To listen.
To pray.
To experience life with you.

God created us for community and relationship. The collectivity of the human experience is something so beautiful, so profound. May we never forget that.

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