Different Types of Travelers (And why we’re all kind of annoying when we travel)

Even though you might still be in quarantine or social distancing (or banned from visiting the European Union perhaps), I want to start travel writing more to inspire you and maybe even give you the travel bug.

So, today let’s talk about traveling styles and compatibility.

I cannot stress enough how important this is. Travel compatibility is everything. If you get stuck on a trip with people you are totally not compatible with, I guarantee you it will be miserable.

Even if said people are your best friends.

Even if you’ve known them for years. It doesn’t matter.

When it comes to traveling, most people stick to a general style/method they prefer (whether consciously or subconsciously chosen). This choice is often affected by socioeconomic status, willingness to take risks, hobbies and other general interests. So, let me break down the five main travel styles I’ve experienced and how they act while traveling.

The Diva

Mariah Carey Diva GIF - MariahCarey Diva Shade - Discover & Share GIFs

Otherwise known as the Instagram influencer, the diva is notorious for always choosing the most expensive restaurant to eat at every night. If you travel with the diva, just know that you will be staying in aesthetic AirBnBs/hotels, dressing up every single day, and spending lots of time waiting for them to pose perfectly for their Insta pic.

Oftentimes, divas prioritize the experiences and comfort of a trip. They are willing to pay the extra 20 (or 50) euros for the Uber. They are the ones who will make your trip feel like you’re in a movie. So next time you’re wanting to splurge a little, travel with a diva.

The Backpacker

15 Destinations for First-Time Backpackers

Ahh, the budget-friendly/granola traveler. They are all too idealistic while shoving everything they own into a backpack as long as their torso. Forget a hotel. Forget an AirBnB. You’ll be crashing in a hostel for a couple nights to save a few extra bucks. Be prepared for lots of strangers in the same room as you. Also, don’t bring any valuables–they might get stolen.

Backpackers prioritize saving money, as well as spontaneity. You never know who you might meet while sitting at a hostel breakfast! Just be prepared to have a very flexible schedule. If you travel with a Backpacker, be willing to go with the flow.

The Tour Guide

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Somehow, they know everything about the place they are visiting. Every single time. It’s like being with a walking encyclopedia. The history and fun facts of every place you visit will be spouted off to you, whether you want to know or not.

Generally, Tour Guides are traveling for the application and enrichment of their knowledge. They enjoy the learning experience of being in a new place. If you travel with a Tour Guide, you will find yourself appreciating all the sights and sounds just a little more after learning about their significance to the place you’re in.

The Adventurer

Travel GIF - Find on GIFER

Someone who just might accidentally get you arrested on your trip abroad, the adventurer always happens to find the craziest things to do. Whether it’s an abandoned building or a hike on a forbidden trail, they know where to go. If you’re wanting to go ziplining in the Amazon or scuba diving in the Mediterranean, be sure to travel with them.

Adventurers prioritize thrill-seeking and exciting challenges. You’re never going to have a dull moment if you take a trip with an Adventurer.

The To-Do Traveler

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Are we getting a tour guide? No doubt. Do you have to be up and ready by 7:30 a.m.? Also yes. To-do travelers can’t help but have a schedule. From a breakfast reservation to the tour of the Parisian catacombs at 4 p.m., your schedule with them will be perfectly punctual. Just be aware you might only have a five minute stop for bathroom breaks.

To-Do Travelers are all about time. In order to maximize their experience, they need to plan everything into their day. If you like structure and precision, be sure to take a trip with a To-Do Traveler.

Obviously, no one is strictly one type. We tend to blend and fuse many travel styles together when on trips. Depending on who you’re with, you might even have all five people on one vacation! And let’s be honest, everyone is slightly quirky/annoying when they travel. But that’s what can make it fun and entertaining! It’s part of the journey. No matter what your travel style is, as long as you find people who are cool with it and who have prioritized the same things for their trip, you’ll have a blast! Happy traveling.

What is your travel style? Comment below with your favorite travel routines/methods. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for all my latest posts!

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