How Having All the Time in the World Made Me Get Ready Faster

I am notorious for taking a long time to get ready.

I mean, hours. It’s like no matter how far in advance I begin, I’m always rushing out the door (usually at least five minutes late).

And yet, the infamous coronavirus quarantine of 2020 has practically cured me of this horrible habit. I get ready for work in ten minutes now. If you know me, you know that is a miracle. (I actually discussed my obsession with makeup in this blog post not too long ago.)

To be honest, the outfit is what takes the longest for me. I think I try on my entire closet everyday before walking out the door. Which is funny, because it’s not like I have that many options. I only have so many shirt/pant/skirt combinations. And I only own three dresses (tragic, I know).

So, what changed? All I can assume is that it’s because I’ve cut out a lot of steps out of my routine. I completely stopped wearing makeup. I use three products for skincare now. And I wear almost the same thing every day.

So, for your reading pleasure, here is my new and improved, post-quarantine morning routine.

• Wake up begrudgingly (that part has not changed at all).
• Stumble into the kitchen to make coffee.
• Gather whatever I can find for breakfast–normally yogurt and bread of some sort–and grab my coffee while heading to the kitchen table.
• Read my Bible! But let me take a few sips of coffee first.
• Yoga. Yes, please.
• Throw on a t-shirt and jeans, brush my eyebrows, and put on jewelry/lipgloss.*

*I also grab a mask if I’m going out in public, hence opting for a simple chapstick rather than lipstick.. Whew, glad we got that cleared up.

BOOM. Done. Who is this girl and what has she done with the Kristen I knew?

And still, something about not doing all of those things I used to do makes me miss sitting down and getting ready for hours. Isn’t it ironic that now that I have so much more time, I do so much less to myself (in terms of my appearance)? I suppose I have just found a new aspect of my own beauty or something… Maybe it’s just a phase. I do kinda miss my eyeliner.

What’s your hair/skincare/makeup/outfit routine like these days? Drop a comment below!

One thought on “How Having All the Time in the World Made Me Get Ready Faster

  1. Well, I have got a habit with waking up 05:15 am (without alarm I don’t know what’s happening!), sleeping a bit more and then waking up 6:15 (when I would wake up at 6:00). It’s pretty weird, because there is nothing to wake me up, but in general I wake up pretty early…and that leads to me sitting and waiting for the rest of the family to get up and get some breakfast (after I’ve used half an hour to get prepared). So kinda know the problem with taking too long getting ready, but I just think it’s fun to think about the outfit and so on! (sry this became a looong comment);)


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