On Self-Love.

2 thoughts on “On Self-Love.”

  1. What’s beyond surface level care? I mean, there is no book on getting to know yourself is there? How do you choose to take responsibility for your own life? Don’t we naturally? Is this even a choice we have? What does this mean, “a quality although approved in the abstract, sometimes loses ground to other, more instantly negotiable virtues”? What are these “more instantly negotiable virtues?


    1. Kaz! I love these questions. So important to analyze. I would argue that we don’t take responsibility for our own lives naturally, as can be evidenced by the way we usually try to find someone else to blame for anything that goes wrong in our lives. I 100% believe it is a choice to take responsibility for yourself, especially in a society that increasingly doesn’t want to! Didion mentions that “Like Jordan Baker [from the Great Gatsby], people with self-respect have the courage of their mistakes. They know the price of things.” I think that’s really what she’s driving home; the ability to come to terms with all of your decisions– good and bad. I have no idea if any of this answered your questions or presented it in a clear manner mais bon. 😉 I miss your bright smile and hope you’re doing well!!!

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