No, Your News Shouldn’t Be Free.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people complain about their limits with online news. (Don’t worry, I’ve done my fair share of complaining.) But have you considered why you have to pay?

You pay a photographer for prints. You pay a doctor for a diagnosis. You pay an accountant to do your taxes.

You pay a newspaper for their stories. Those journalists work hard to get the interviews they need, compile the stories, edit the articles, and send it to the printer so that you can be informed.

You don’t deserve to get your news for free.

“The truth is a big part of the blame for this industry’s dire straits is on us and our unwillingness to pay for the work journalists produce.” John Oliver couldn’t have stated it better.

Our job is to inform the public. We can’t do that properly if you kick us to the curb, beat us, criticize us, and then demand our work for free.


That’s all.


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