Why 80s Movies Are the Best.

I’m almost positive that John Hughes is my spirit animal. His love for 80s music and his films resonate so strongly in my 80s-loving heart. Today’s thought is this: 80s movies are the absolute best because they’re so ridiculously unrealistic.


Ferris Bueller skipping school, stealing a Ferrari, singing in a city parade, and making it back home without his parents finding out? Yeah right.

Marty McFly going back in time only to have his mother fall in love with him and nearly mess up the space-time continuum?! Ummm, okay.

Bad boy Johnny Castle teaching awkward teen girl how to dance? Hmmm… Doubtful.

Duckie Dale being so in love with his childhood best friend as she falls for some rich dude? No way… (Okay that’s probably more realistic than most…)


My point is, they’re so unrealistic that they leave one with a feeling of hope. It’s hard to explain. 80s movies, at least for me, make me want to go out and live my best life. They inspire me to make real relationships with people and to experience life without the help of a phone or computer screen.

Maybe it’s the super teased hair and crazy shoulder pads…. maybe it’s the carefree teen spirit that seems to have been lost with the obsession of social media. Maybe I’m looking too much into this. I just really love 80s movies, okay?!

Until Next Time,


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