Playlist of the Month: February 2017.

Playlist of the Month: February 2017.

Hello everyone!

After my extremely long and somewhat unnecessary hiatus, I am reviving my website! Stay tuned for some exciting changes, as well as a new layout.

I’d like to begin each month with a Spotify playlist. Not only do I think it’s my secret calling in life (Seriously. I love making playlists.), but I also just am generally enthusiastic about sharing music with people. Music is such a great way to connect and communicate with others. It is so raw and inspiring. From jazz to rock, there is something to be learned in each song.

Being that February is generally considered a month of love (Valentine’s Day, snow, and the continuing cuddle season), I thought this playlist was a wonderful embodiment of the month. I hope you feel all of the tenderness and warmth this month has to offer.

(Click HERE for the playlist!)

À bientôt!