Writer’s Block.

I have writer’s block. Bad.

Perhaps it is because the lazy mornings of summer have caused me to become rather dull. (I have been extremely unproductive in the creative arena.) Whatever it is, I just cannot seem to shake this awful thing. That is why I’m making this post. I am attempting to rid myself of writer’s block by writing about it.

So let’s see.. What shall I write about next? Where can I draw inspiration?

Here’s what is on my mind as I write.

  1. I got a new kitten.
  2. My heart is simply broken for all those suffering across the world right now.
  3. Sometimes I believe my insecurity and vanity work together in very strange ways. I do not understand it.
  4. I need to learn to be more patient.

Patience. What a virtue. I feel like patience is so underrated in today’s bustling society. However, I really need to learn the art of patience. I need to learn to simply wait. Wait for the perfect idea to write about. Wait for summer to end and autumn to begin. Wait for my life to “get exciting” (even though it already is).

Not only do I need to learn to wait, but I also need to learn to cherish. Every moment, memory, and day. Sooo… I suppose this writer’s block wasn’t such a bad thing after all.


Until next time,


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