It is the tide of the ocean crashing against the sand.


It’s when you feel him slip out of your arms



The haunting fear within you,

growing with each passing day.


The emptiness of heartbreak.


Blue can sneak up on you

like the cold, icy touch of a haunting memory.





It is the color of her lipstick

the fierce look in her eyes that could pierce through your soul.


It’s the way you kiss her,

with all the passion in the world.


It’s the hearts beating together

as they sway on the dance floor.


When you scream to the point of tears,

it is the color of your breath

and your anger.


But it is also the color that slowly fades from your body

as you draw your last breath.





Coming Soon: Les Couleurs.

Coming Soon: Les Couleurs.

This week I will begin something new on my blog: a poetry series.

Poetry is very intimate to me; it is rare that I share it with even my closest friends. However, I think this poetry series is compelling. I will be posting one poem each week.

“Les Couleurs” is an attempt to describe and convey the emotions hidden within each and every color.