We’d All Like to be Richard Cory.

2 thoughts on “We’d All Like to be Richard Cory.”

  1. When I was younger I use to hear Simon and Garfunkel a lot because of my uncles along with a lot of music that came way before me. I didn’t really understand the lyrics but I loved the sound. Now when I grew older I began listening to music instead of just “hearing it”. This song has a very profound message behind it and I love how you pointed it out. Also, the message reminds me of the song Californication by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Highlighting how the chase for fame and fortune can lead to our destruction if we base our happiness on it. It’s funny how something that we want so bad to make us happy is the tool that leads us to misery, it’s almost poetic. Interestingly enough that’s almost everything we’re told. The idea of the “American Dream” and having the opportunity to make a better life for yourself is a blessing but a lot of the time it’s followed by “more is always better” and if “I’m not living like the people on tv or in magazines then I can’t be happy with what I have.” I believe that true happiness comes from God but that’s me. Another thing I noticed was in many instances people keep up appearances and don’t show what they really feel inside as Richard Cory was with everyone. Referring back to Californication, we’re being led to believe that the portrayal being shown to us is a life of ecstasy and fun when in reality it can seriously affect someone’s life. It’s sad but I also feel that it encourages people to have genuine friendships with others instead of a Hi and Bye acquaintance. I can look at anyone on the outside but I can never truly see what’s on the inside and I find beauty in the journey that someone takes to get to know someone else. It may not be as great or as productive as the American Dream or the money chase but to me, that’s a new opportunity at happiness.

    p.s. Sorry for the long comment! And thank you for helping me do something I haven’t done in a while, the chance to express myself.

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