Très chic!

Since I aspire to be a fashion journalist, I thought it only appropriate to write about my five most influential style inspirations. This is by no means my list of the most influential fashion figures of all time. (However, I would be interested in making that list if you are so inclined to read it.)

Disclaimer: My sense of style is highly volatile, meaning that my mood determines the vibes I channel with my outfit. So many of these icons are extremely opposite each other. However, my darlings, that is what makes fashion so fun. Enjoy!

  1. Posh Spice
    Posh Spice
    Sleek and stylish. Posh was always my favorite spice girl (and her style is still impeccable!) She was typically seen with a cropped cut, both with her hair and tops. She was also frequently seen wearing all black, making Posh Spice one of my style icons.
  2. Rachel Green
    It is quite honestly embarrassing how many times I have watched an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. in order to draw daily fashion inspiration from Rachel. She puts 90s fashion in a good light, and I love it.
  3. Grace Kelly
    Grace Kelly
    Although quite different than the previous, Grace Kelly has given me so much fashion inspiration. Her elegance is uncanny, and I could only hope to be half as beautiful as her. She portrays the exact definition of her name. From her role in Hitchcock’s Rear Window (pictured above) to her crowning as Princess Grace, she has changed the way I view fashion.
  4. Jean Seberg
    Her style is so simple yet so beautiful. I love her classic, basic looks. Also, this chunky turtleneck looks like one I own.
  5. Audrey Hepburn
    I would be quite amiss if I did not state that I drew inspiration from my dear Audrey Hepburn. From her darling ’50s looks to her more mature ’60s fashion, Hepburn has done it all. Her love for lipstick and all things proper have propelled my love for fashion throughout the years. Thank you, Audrey, for being such a classy and lovely style icon.

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