Perfectly Imperfect.

Certain days my life feels like a scene from a movie: I stroll down the promenade listening to excellent music. I make sure to have a picturesque outfit. My makeup looks “on point.” Even my out-of-control lob of hair is cooperating with me. And then there are days when I feel as though I have been hit by a train (and I probably look like it too). On those days, I often get very discouraged. Why can’t my life always be put together? My classmates seem so well-prepared every single day, and I am often frazzled when I cannot achieve the standard of “perfection.” It is in those times I must pause and realize that being flawed is quite alright.

Being an OCD perfectionist, I have an extremely hard time grappling with the idea that being imperfect is perfectly okay (Imperfect… perfect… See what I did there? Anyways). Attempting to live a flawless life stresses me out, sometimes to the point of tears. Why do I do this to myself? At the heart of it, the reason I attempt to live such a picture-perfect life is because of vanity. Narcissism and pride drive the force of perfectionism in my life (And that is a very hard confession to make). Yet, by the grace of Jesus, I am learning to be content with my flawed life.

Not everything in life has to be about finding a perfect aesthetic. Take a step back to enjoy the fun things in life, even if they are considered “messy” or imperfect. Things will not always flawlessly fall into place. And that, my dear friends, is a rather liberating feeling.

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