As a Pinterest quote so poetically puts it, “I want to travel across the world and breathe the air of new places.” Traveling is something I have been passionate about for as long as I can remember. I have always dreamt of finding beauty in quaint, unknown nooks and crannies around the world.

With my newly declared double major (Journalism and International Studies-French), my heart is overjoyed at the fact that I could use my degree to travel the world. It is when I am most excited that I realize it will take me four years, if not longer, to attain that highly esteemed degree. Am I really just stuck here until then?

Simple answer: Yes. However, I will elaborate. While I must live in this city and complete my education/get a degree, I do not want to think of it as being “stuck.” Rather I am attempting to save money, learn new things, and find unseen beauty where I currently live. It makes sense, really, that I should not be able to travel the world until I can truly appreciate the artistry surrounding me each and every day.

That being said, here’s to the beauty of my city. The burnt orange and blood-red leaves that surround me. The cozy coffee shops that I visit. The foggy mornings and the slight breeze on cloudy, autumn days. I love it all.


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